A protective bail of 14 days granted to Suleman Shehbaz by IHC

June 3, 2023


A protective bail of 14 days granted to Suleman Shehbaz by IHC

Shaeran Rufus

Suleman Shehbaz, son of the Premier of Pakistan has been granted a 14-day protective bail by the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday (today). Shehbaz had returned to Pakistan after four years. He was accused in a money laundering case registered with the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) nominated by the National Accountability Bureau in assets beyond means reference case.  In both cases, he was announced an offender.

Islamabad High Court last week restricted authorities from arresting Suleman in assets beyond mean case while hearing his petition for protective bail enabling him to surrender before a trial court. In remarks by IHC CJ (Chief Justice) Aamer Farooq said protective bail is not granted without the physical presence of the accused and ordained Shehbaz to submit before the court by 13 Dec (today).

Suleman along with his barrister Amjad Pervez appeared in today’s hearing. Pervez adding that the client was to appear in the special court in Lahore for a money laundering case of Rs 16 billion. A 14-day protective bail was granted by the judge and ordained to timely appear in the appropriate court.

Suleman Shehbaz speaking to the reporters:

While speaking to the reporters, Shehbaz said he returned to Pakistan and had surrendered before the court. Adding that the ‘game played’ by Imran Khan in the last four years is now known to the world.

Suleman added, that the former PM, Imran Khan tried to exert pressure on the FIA chief Bashir Memon to target his opponents. He said, “Shahzad Akbar is also absconding because of the injustice he meted out to [political] opponents.”

Suleman said, as per the UK’s National Crime Agency acquitted him and his father  in the cases akin to dubious bank transactions is a “slap on the face” of the PTI.

In November 2020 FIA booked against the PM and his sons, Hamza and Suleman involve sections 419, 420, 468, 471, 34, and 109 of the Prevention of Corruption Act and r/w 3/4 of the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

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