No Abaya for Female Students in Exam Halls in Saudi Arabia

May 29, 2023


Saudi Arabia Bans Abayas for Female Students In Exam Halls

Shaeran Rufus

KARACHI: The Saudi Education and Training Commission (ETEC) decided that women will not be obliged to wear abayas during examinations. All the female students will wear school uniforms, in accordance with the proper dress code.

ETEC is a governmental body that plans, evaluates, and designs, in association with the Ministry of EducationIt was founded in 2017 that legally reports to the Prime Minister. 

The concept of Abaya culture is mainly common in Arab states like Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar. In Saudi Arabia, women are permitted to cover their heads and body in public. Abayas come in various fabrics, designs, and color but mainly serves the same purpose – to cover. 

Saudi Arabia is now being viewed as giving relief to women in particular with dresses. Abaya was a compulsory dress code for women in Saudi Arabia. However, in 2018, many speculations were doing rounds on dress codes. Especially when Muhammad Bin Salman stated that women can wear what they want but should adhere to modest and decent dressing.

Still, a large majority of women wear abayas owing to deeply-rooted instruction, however, many choose to wear what they want as prescribed while maintaining decency. Before an amendment in the Abaya law, covering hair in public for women was also compulsory. However, covering hair now is limited and compulsory while entering any holy place or mosque.

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