Twitter Polls: The Users Want Musk to Step Down From Twitter

May 28, 2023


Twitter Polls: 57.5% Users Want Musk to Step Down From Twitter

Shaeran Rufus

Ever since Elon Musk took charge of Twitter with a single leadership, fierce public opinion has shadowed the billionaire’s success. And Twitter is clearly upset with the change in policies. A recent poll put forth by Tesla owner, Elon Musk stated, “Should I step down as the head of Twitter?” The results showed more than 50% votes with a yes and 42.5% with a no.

Musk also mentioned that he will “abide by the results.” The Tesla and Space X owner seemed confused from the start with its Twitter takeover. He bought Twitter for $44bn and has fired several staff members. With more than 50 employees resigning after he took charge.

However, in his latest tweet, it seems that the Twitter owner is not sure about stepping down from the post.

Twitter also announced the social media platform will not be using “free promotion” on Sunday. Also, mentioning that Twitter will not allow links to other social media accounts to be posted on Twitter including Facebook, Instagram, and Mastodon.

Twitter suspended accounts of journalists

Musk was under severe criticism for suspending journalists’ accounts on Twitter in the Elon Jet case. He was viewed as a free speech advocate and hence after suspending the accounts, an utter backlash added to his Twitter controversy. However, in the latest development, the owner later restored the suspended accounts.

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