World Bank approves more than $1bn for projects for the flood-affected area in Sindh

May 29, 2023


World Bank Approves More Than $1bn for Flood-Affected Areas in Sindh

Shaeran Rufus

KARACHI: The World Bank on Tuesday approved $1.692 billion for a five-year project as financial assistance to the flood victims of Sindh. In a statement that says, three of the projects support building construction and crop restoration while the other two projects are mainly health-oriented for mothers and kids.

Najy Benhassine, Director for Pakistan for World Bank said “Sindh was the province worst affected by the 2022 floods.” Benhassine added that the collateral damage to houses, health, and agriculture sector has made people lose their basic livelihood. Saying further, he said, that beyond the repair, this is the “opportunity to strengthen resilience, and reform institutions and governance structures.”

Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project

The Sindh Flood Emergency Rehabilitation Project of $500 million will assist the destroyed infrastructure and will create livelihood opportunities. The project will also help the government to potently work for the damage caused.

In addition, the project will also enhance the irrigation system, roads, and water supplies. The project will have cash for a work program that will be a short-term plan to support more than 100,000 households. The cash for work will have unskilled workers, laborers and other livestock farmers to be deployed under an employment on a temporary basis.

Sindh Floods Emergency Housing Reconstruction Projects

Moreover, the Sindh Floods Emergency Housing Reconstruction Projects with $500 million will maintain core housing units. A housing subsidy of 350,000 housing units will also be granted for reconstruction. These cash grants will restore the damaged structures along with providing a proper harvesting system, and twin pit latrines giving access to safe water sanitation.

Sindh Water and Agriculture Transformation Project

The Sindh Water and Agriculture Transformation Project with $292 million will multiply the agriculture water efficiency, water resource management and utilise crop production. The urgent cash will also provide the 300,000 farmers to restore crop production in terms of purchasing agricultural goods.

Sindh Strengthening Social Protection Delivery System Project

A project by the Sindh Strengthening Social Protection Delivery System Project with $200 million is a social delivery system that prioritised both mother and child health services. The project will be affiliated with NADRA (National Database Registration Authority) and will hand cash to 1.3 million mothers and their children for better health results. 

Finally, the Sindh Integrated Health and Population Project will allocate funds to revamp basic reproduction and will also keep an eye on nutrition services.

United Nation to finance emergency food aid

United Nation announced to finance an emergency food aid for the flood-affected areas in Pakistan that will start from January. Pakistan in its worst climate catastrophe killed more than 1500 people with a severe damage to lives and properties. Julien Harneis, UN Resident Coordinator for Pakistan said, it is necessary to be concerned that “food security” is ensured in the region in the coming weeks.

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