Taliban Released Two Confined Americans as a ‘Goodwill Gesture

May 29, 2023


Taliban Releases Two American Detainees as a ‘Goodwill Gesture’

Shaeran Rufus

KARACHI: The Afghan Taliban released two Americans that were custodial detention in Afghanistan on Tuesday. The release was made on the same day the regime banned women from the universities.

Ned Price, Spokesperson for the US Department of State referred to this as a “goodwill gesture” by the Taliban. Further, he clarified that this was not based on any exchange of prisoners and no money was granted either. The two Americans reached Qatar on Tuesday. Their identities have not been disclosed due to confidentiality purposes.  

“This, we understand, to have been a goodwill gesture on the part of the Taliban. This was not part of any swap of prisoners or detainees. There was no money that exchanged hands,” state department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

Moreover, Price said, Washington and the Taliban are in association to release more US citizens stranded in Afghanistan. Welcoming the decision taken by the Taliban, he said that the US civilians are being given all the necessary assistance. He added, “They will soon be reunited with their loved ones.”

Moreover, Price added, “The irony of them granting us a goodwill gesture on a day where they undertake a gesture like this [banning girls from universities] to the Afghan people, is not lost on us.”

Taliban were sternly criticized their decision to ban all females from universities. The Education Ministry in Afghanistan said that female students will not be allowed to access further studies. The decision was condemned worldwide, as well as by the United States, British UN envoys, and Bilawal Bhutto the Foreign Minister of Pakistan.

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