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June 4, 2023


Audio Leak: Who Is Behind Khan and Ayla Malik’s Alleged Leaked Conversation?

Anum Razzaque

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is shrouded in another controversy with emergence of alleged audio leak containing indecent conversation. The leak, which was a planned attempt at character assassination of the PTI chief, has sparked a debate in favor and against Khan, raising many questions in the minds of his supporters and general masses alike.

Capital TV reports that the rattled PTI chief convened a special team to investigate all audio and video devices which might secretly be installed in all rooms of his residence.”

PTI leader Musarrat Cheema in defense of Khan noted that these leaked audios are fake and such controversies always emerge whenever is facing political conundrum and has a “difficult” decision to make. She claimed the leaks were a blatant attempt at blackmailing PTI.

Several questions surface in mind whenever such leaks emerge: which person or entity is behind the continuously surfacing audio and video leaks of political figures?

In the audio leak, Imran Khan and Ayla Malik are allegedly heard speaking.
Reacting to the leak, Ayla Malik termed the audio as fake and part of “dirty politics.” She even revealed who is behind the shameful act.

“An alleged audio is spread by PMLN,” she said in a tweet. “Dirty politics of PMLN didn’t even spare Benazir Bhutto”.

Screen captured : Capital TV

Sumaira Malik, sister of Ayla, blamed PMLN on alleged audio leak and demanded strong legal action to take action against the accused.

Journalist Sabir Shakir noted, “these tactics are used to blackmail all politicians in past, this is not a new one, but it’s creating the way of hate.”

Senior journalist Imran Raiz Khan also described the contents of the audio leak as fake. He used an audio changer application to dig out the facts.

However, he also said real or fake audio is not a tool to run the country.

The audio leak surfaced on Tuesday. In a two-part audio clip is the latest in a series of leaked conversations of the former premier after he blamed the incumbent coalition government and the military establishment for voting him out of power earlier this year on American behest.

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