PM appoints Najam Sethi the current PCB Chairman

June 3, 2023


‘Famine In Cricket Will Come to an End’: Najam Sethi Takes Over PCB Top Job as Ramiz Raja Exits

Shaeran Rufus

KARACHI: Najam Sethi on Thursday has been appointed as a new Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) by 14 member committee under the patron in chief, PM Shehbaz Sharif.

In a tweet Najam Sethi says that “cricket regime headed by Ramiz Raja is no more.” Strong-worded tweets come from Sethi on his appointed as the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board.

The former chairman who resigned when Imran Khan took control in 2018 has been appointed as the new chairman of the cricket board. In a tweet, Sethi said, “The cricket regime headed by Ramiz Raja is no more. The 2014 PCB constitution stands restored,” Adding more he said, the board will work tirelessly to bring back first-class cricket.

The former PCB chairman said that the management committee, which is being headed by him, will “work tirelessly” to revive first-class cricket. Moreover, Sethi mentioned that more cricketers will be recruited and the “famine in cricket” will come to an end.

The federal cabinet approved the restoration of the 2014 constitution. A 14-member committee constituted by the PMLN-led government. As per the committee the CEO in charge has been canceled and the cricket department has been restored.

Ramiz Raja’s cricket tenure as a chairman 2021-2022

Ramiz Raja preceded by Ehsan Mani took charge on September 2021 as the 36th chairman. Some of the events that took place under his chairmanship were the: Pakistan Tri-Series in New Zealand 2022, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2022, and the Bangladesh U19 tour of Pakistan 2022.

Pakistan Junior League

Pakistan Junior League or PJL is a 20-over cricket league that was under the supervision of Ramiz Raja. It was launched on 14th April with 6 teams. The PSL’s revenues in 2020 were US$3.9 million.

Pensions for retired cricketers

Ramiz came in 2021 with a promise to revamp retired cricketers. He announced that one lakh has been increased in the category.

He said that the Pakistan Cricket team holds a legacy and this initiative is taken to tell them if we do not serve them. Raja also added that for instance if the cricketer passes away then the pension money will go to his wife, which was not the case before. Moreover, Raja said, that the pension income will increase every year.

Men’s T20 World Cup 2022

Pakistan under the chairmanship managed to get into the semi-finals Men’s T20 World Cup 2022, however, was defeated by England.

Najam Sethi’s tenure from 2015-2018

From 2015 to 2018 until Sethi resigned from the position of Chairman 2018, Pakistan played numerous matches with strenuously remarkable achievements.

Pakistan in 2015-16 won matches under the chairmanship of Najam Sethi. They won matches including Pakistan vs Zimbabwe T20I Series, Pakistan vs England T20I Match, Pakistan vs West Indies T20I Series (in the United Arab Emirates), Pakistan in West Indies T20I Series, Independence Cup (World-XI in Pakistan), Pakistan v Sri Lanka T20I Series (in Pakistan/United Arab Emirates), Pakistan in New Zealand T20I Series, West Indies in Pakistan T20I Series, West Indies in Pakistan T20I Series.

Pakistan Super League

Pakistan Super League was hosted in the home ground in Lahore since the 2006 attack. The initiative was highly commended by the people of Pakistan. The match that invited the international players from the home country was under the challenging supervision of Najam Sethi. In 2016, the PSL event profited US$2.6 million.

ICC Champions Trophy Final of 2017

The nail-biting match between Pakistan and India at the Oval in London in June 2017 was also a remarkable achievement of Sethis’ tenure.

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