Ukraine Will Never Surrender, Says President Zelensky in His First Foreign Trip to the USA

May 29, 2023


Ukraine Will Never Surrender, Says President Zelensky in His First Foreign Trip to the USA

Shaeran Rufus

KARACHI: In a first foreign meeting on Thursday, Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky meets US President, Joe Biden in the US. In a 32-minute speech delivered by the President, Volodymyr Zelensky in Washington, D.C at Capitol Hill. He thanked the US for its support and wished to be assisted in the future against Russia. Zelensky said, that Ukraine is “alive and kicking”, and will not surrender. 

US – Ukraine ally 

The President also mentioned that the aid by the US to Ukraine is an investment in security. Joe Biden says to stick with Ukraine and its policy against Russia. A new package was also granted to Ukraine by the US of $2bn with $45bn in future.

In the past, US and Ukraine have vocally come in support of each other’s stance on global politics against Russia. Zelensky says, that the US has become Ukraine’s ally and he wishes to see another aid of $45bn by congress pass soon to “defend our values and independence”.

During the trip, Zelensky first met Joe Biden at the White House, he also gifted a military medal to the US President. The Ukrainian President also met another members including Kamala Harris. Zelensky also received a standing ovation from the US Congress. In his closing remarks, he waved the Ukrainian flag signed by the soldiers. Furthermore, he said that “Russian’s tactic is primitive”. 

Zelensky also reminded the US troops and their fight against Nazi Germany. He added just like the American soldiers who fought against Hitler during the 1944 Christmas, the Ukrainian soldiers are doing the same. 

Patriot missile system has also been gifted by Washington to protect Ukrainian cities from Russian drone and missile attacks. 

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February and as per the US military estimated reports. At least 100,000 Ukrainian and Russian soldiers are killed or wounded with more than 30,000 people dead. Around 7.8 million people have left their home country, Ukraine as refugees and have headed to Europe and Russia. Moreover, the figures do not include forced migration. 

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