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June 3, 2023


Elahi Challenges De-notification Moves LHC

Anum Razzaque

LAHORE: To forestall the plan of the ousted Premier of Pakistan Imran khan regards dissolve Assemblies, the Governor of Punjab Baligh Ur Rehman embarked on the action and denotified Parvez Elahi as Chief Minister of Punjab, and dissolved the cabinet, meanwhile Elahi challenged the notification in the court.

The development came on Thursday night when Governor Punjab issued a notification referring to cease of office, saying “Chief Minister refrained from the vote of confidence on the estimated time, in line from an order issued under the article 130 clause (7) of the constitution of Pakistan on 19 Dec.

The governor further said in the notification, “ I am confident the chief minister has no command to take a vote of confidence from a member of the Provincial Assembly, therefore for ceases his office on immediate effects.

“In consequences of above the provincial cabinet stands to dissolve forth with”, says the notification.

Under article 133 of the constitution of Pakistan, the Governor asked Chief Minister to hold the office until a new successor would appointed.

However, the article 133 reads; “The Governor may ask the Chief Minister to continue to hold office until his successor enters upon the office of Chief Minister.”

Elahi described the development as an ‘illegal’ action, saying “ I am still CM, and cabinet will continue its work under my supervision”.

Hence, the notification issued by Rehman dissolved the cabinet.

Besides the scenario, the legal team of Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi has challenged the de-notification, a source aware of the situation said, “Elahi submitted a petition in Lahore High Court (LHC)”.

The Petition says, “the Governor just write a letter to the speaker to collect a vote of confidence, but didn’t send any letter to CM and Governor has no right to dismiss the session of an assembly called by the speaker”, says the petitioner, Elahi.

Elahi said in the petition that the notification issued by the Governor referring to de-notify the chief minister is unconstitutional, furthermore he requested to LHC, declare the notification null issued by the Governor.

Fawad Chaudhary leader of PTI said, “there is no legal status of Governor’s notification.

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