Landa Bazar Becomes Expensive After Government Imposes New Taxes - Capital TV

June 4, 2023


Landa Bazar Becomes Expensive After Government Imposes New Taxes


The growing inflation brings another burden on the underprivileged population after government decides to impose new taxes on the “thrifted imports” in Landa Bazar.

According to reports, price of per kilogram (KG) of ‘Landa’ items have been increased by Rs144 and reached Rs 255 from Rs 81 rupees per kg, after the tax.

The majority population of Pakistan lives life under the status of the middle and lower middle class. This faction of the society relies on wearing cheaper, preloved clothes throughout the season, particularly in colder weather. With approaching winters, the imposition of tax on Landa-wear is a new burden the masses have to face.

The notification released in this respect says, the 5% sales and 5% customs taxes applied to imported used products also included a 10% regulatory fee and a 5.5% income tax.

Meanwhile, the recently released data shows that the Inflation rate has been increasing which further intensifies the worries of citizens.

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