Actor and singer, Danyal Zafar has finally revealed the fan who inspiration behind his new burgundy wolf-cut mullet on Instagram yesterday. The Barwaan Khiladi star is back again with another bizarre post on social media.

Danya Zafar, or Danny Zee as likes to call himself, shared a carousel of pictures and video clips on his fans’ Instagram feed. The Tana Bana star flexed his ‘cool dude’ persona with a strange caption that could only be described as the ramblings of a high schooler.

He wrote, “u trust ur gang but ur boys loyal to me and ya girls trynna slide, keep em in check”.

Danny Zee teased fans in all caps, saying, “I got another one for y’all before I go crazy,” and added that he is

The young actor was previously mocked on social media for his new hairdo, but his big brother, Ali Zafar, stepped in and encouraged him to keep his new haircut and kill outdated concepts of mardangi (manliness) with his style.

Danyal Zafar also shared a screenshot of his conversation with a fan, Gardezi (aka Muhammad Abubaker Gardezi) who thanked him for his burgundy inspiration and his song.

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