Interview with Former Afghan President, Hamid Karzai by Washington Post

May 28, 2023


Former President of Afghanistan, Karzai Says, Taliban Needs To Initiate Inclusive Government

Shaeran Rufus

In an interview with Washington Post on 5th Oct, the former President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai answered some pressing question. This is an amalgamation of the series involved in questions and answers with the interviewer and the interviewee. As per the Washington Post, the interview has been edited and cut down to a brief. 

Sudarsan Raghavan who works as a foreign correspondent for the Washington Post has reported from more than 60 countries. The reporter has a keen eye for global politics, terrorism, wars, and invasions. Raghavan had been honored with numerous awards including mainly in investigative reporting and press.

The reporter in one of his questions asked about the current political and global situation in Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been taken over by hunger, unemployment, and funds are frozen by the US. Raghavan also added, to what new direction, Karzai sees the future of Afghanistan.

Ghani replied that Afghan people are “concerned” about where the country is headed. Karzai also added that “we are hopeful” and we can get out of the current problematic situation.

Taliban Governance

In particular with the Taliban situation, the reporter asked that the Taliban government had all the promises aligned to remain an inclusive government. To which it was asked, will Taliban create an “inclusive government”? What are the requirements for this?

Karzai replied that it is evident that things did not fold well for the Afghan government. He also added that the Taliban regime had to introduce the concept of inclusivity by initiating an afghan dialogue. Moreover, he said the country needs a constitution.

The counter question posed by the reporter was, that if the Taliban fails to introduce inclusivity. Will there be any collapse in power for the Taliban government? Karzai, who remained in the position of the presidency four times, replied that we do not want a collapse of the government but a representative government in Afghanistan.

United States and its role

The journalist questioned America’s role in today’s Afghanistan. Karzai replied that both United States and Afghanistan are responsible. He added that he has many discords with the United States and “quarrels”, however, he said at the same time, he does not blame the US entirely, “we afghans are responsible as well in many ways”.

Biden’s administration and US’s new approach

In concern to the Biden administration that took control in 2021. It was asked how he sees the Biden administration and their current policies toward the Afghanistan and Taliban.

Karzai said that he is against cutting off Afghan reserves. He added that we the people of Afgan are the victims of terrorism along with the Americans who have lost lives in the aftermath of 9/11. In addition, he added, that it is unethical to take money from one victim when both victims were suffered. He added to build strong relations with the US government likewise with Americans too, but also want this relationship to benefit the Afghan people.

In a question asked in what ways the Biden administration can stabilize Afghanistan. Karzai who left office in 2014 said that international authorities with their coalition efforts. In brief, he said, that he does not want Afghanistan to be the “centerpiece” in the rivalry between the United States, Russia, and China.

Similarly, this happened in the 19th century between Russia and British and again in the 20th century between the United States and the Soviet Union, and the trend is enlarging, Karzai added. Equally important, he said that America does have an interest in the region, but what “we are saying is that pursue your interest” in a manner that does not harm any destruction to the lives of Afghan people.

What Taliban should do next

In the question of what the Taliban should do to earn the trust of the United States and the world? karzai stated, Initially creating a place where Afghan people where their wishes are fully expressed. The issues like girl’s bans, poverty, unemployment, and other issues are holding back the country. Unless, an individual Afghan exercise what government is liable to them and act as an owner, we cannot succeed. All the issues are resolved, then we can move to the international community for recognition.

Taliban ban on female’s education

Karzai said the Taliban needs to address the issue.

Ashraf Ghani flee from Afghanistan

In a question regarding the fleeing of the president, Ashraf Ghani, the reporter asked would the situation have remained similar if Ghani had not fled. Karzai said, yes. Also adding that the country would have not collapsed.

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