Sometimes the truth is more terrifying than the story itself. has released the teaser for their original web series: Sevak, The Confessions and it is refreshingly new. The series is a story of resilience and courage of the heroes fighting dark forces lurking in the shadows to seek the truth. Will the truth shock us?

In a keenly woven tale of intrigue, terror and deceit, Sevak: The Confessions, intends to keep us engaged with action, mystery and suspense in a historical time travel set within the backdrop of true events between 1984 and 2022.

This historical action thriller is based on the true story of an assassin. It follows the journey of Vidya, a journalist, in a quest to find out the truth behind the film star Jeet Singh’s death. She is aided by Mannu, a key informant.

Mannu, leads Vidya on a path to reveal the dark secrets of Jeet’s death. Vidya unwillingly enters the labyrinth of Mannu’s tales encountering many ghosts of his past. The stories shared by Mannu unravel the horrors of hate crime, atrocities and genocide. As truth is revealed both of them find themselves in danger for their lives.

Mannu is navigating life with a deep story in his heart and as they encounter Vijay Karkare, Preet Kaur, Arun, Vinayak and Sadhu, the series excites us with intrigue and mystery entwined in true events that blur the lines between fiction and truth making the series all the more gripping.

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