The Bella Ciao Café in Peshawar has quickly become a popular attraction due to its unique Money Heist-inspired theme and atmosphere.

Customers are greeted by staff dressed up in the iconic red jumpsuits of the robbers, replete with the Salvador Dali mask from the hit Netflix show. They escort the customer to their seats and present them with Bella Ciao Cafés special steak in a black briefcase.

Here is the exclusive coverage of the restaurant by Independent Urdu:

According to the restaurant owners, Abdullah Afridi and Shoaib Khattak, customers had started coming to it in droves before its official opening.

The latter added that “no other name could have been more suitable”.

The owners revealed that they had to import the red suits and masks from Dubai.

“The price of a mask is Rs. 890,” Khattak told Independent Urdu and added that “the price of a costume is Rs. 6,600”.

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