Is There Any Hope For Early Elections For Imran Khan?

June 3, 2023


Is There Any Hope For Early Elections For Imran Khan?

Shaeran Rufus

KARACHI: Imran Khan reacted to the rumours circulating regarding the installation of the technocrat government. Khan, the former PM said he does not seem hopeful for the early election in the country.

While speaking to the reporters, Khan said, it is “more important” to talk with those backing the PDM government than the government for the elections. At his residency at Zaman Park on Wednesday the PTI chief said that the rumours about the foundation of a technocrat government make him uncertain about the early election.

He said, that only the establishment can make an election happen to which he referred, “establishment means army chief.” Khan after being ousted with no-vote confidence is adamant about not holding any dialogues with the current “imported government”. Moreover, the former PM said, that the PDM government is reduced to a drawing room party.

Khan, the 22nd PM gave an example in reference to Bangladesh, he added that “political engineering” in the upcoming election will not bring good results. In addition, Khan said that the biggest party of East Pakistan was also not accepted. As a result, PTI is the largest party in Pakistan, and denying public opinion will cause serious outcomes.

Khan-Bajwa Relation

Khan rebuked former COAS for bringing the situation to this end. He said, Gen Bajwa did an “injustice” to the country and due to that we are facing a “default”.

Adding more, he said that default risk had hiked to 90 percent, comparatively, to 5 percent in the PTI government. Also, khan revealed his relationship with the former COAS was on good terms, however, Bajwa did not find corrupt politics a serious offence.

Khan said that huge corruption cases were closed by amending NAB rules. Khan also allegedly blamed Bajwa to have carried out a deal with Asif Ali Zardari and Murad Ali Shah of the Pakistan People’s Party. Furthermore, Khan both the political parties, PPP and PMLN have foreign assets.

Khan demanded a transparent election as he added that country’s political and economic problems are increasing. He also suggested holding dialogues with Afghanistan as the terrorism will get more intensified.

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