Pakistan, India Exchange List of Nuclear Installations and Prisoners

May 29, 2023


Pakistan, India Exchanged List of Nuclear Installations and Prisoners

Shaeran Rufus

Pakistan and India exchanged the list of nuclear installations and facilities on Sunday, said in a press release by the foreign office. The list is exchanged on every first day of the New Year. As per the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the list has been shared with the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. Whereas the Ministry of External Affairs in India had shared the list with the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. 

Under the agreement on Prohibition of Attacks against Nuclear Installations and Facilities signed on 31st December 1988. Both countries are obliged to share information about their nuclear installations and facilities on the 1st of January each year.

In 1998, Pakistan tested its first nuclear weapons. Pakistan has raised its nuclear energy efficiency since the country established relations with China. Both countries fought four wars while the Kargil war ( May 3, 1999 – Jul 26, 1999) when both countries acquired nuclear possession.

Prisoners exchanged     

Moreover, both countries have also exchanged lists of prisoners. The statement added, a list of 705 Indian prisoners including 51 civilians and more than 600 fishermen were captivated in Pakistan. However, the Indian authority revealed 434 Pakistani prisoners including 95 fishermen and 339 civilians. 

Pakistan had requested the return of the 51 civilian prisoners and 94 fishermen who have completed their sentence period. Consular access was also requested for 56 civilian prisoners.

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