Dedicated Police Unit to Set For BRT in Peshawar

June 4, 2023


Dedicated Police Unit to Set For BRT in Peshawar

Shaeran Rufus

PESHAWAR: Malik Shah Mohammad Khan, the minister of transportation and mass transit, established a committee on Monday to recommend creating a specialised police unit for securing the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route. He was in charge of this important gathering. The 27km BRT route would be secured by a special security unit made up of police and private security personnel, it was decided at the conference.

The committee will be led by the managing director of the Urban Mobility Authority and include members from the secretariat, police department, traffic police, department of home and tribal affairs, and directorate of transportation. It would devise strategies for effectively securing BRT passengers.

Minister Malik Shah Mohammad stated during his speech that the province administration was in charge of ensuring the public’s security. He claimed that the public were truly blessed when large-scale initiatives like the BRT were successfully launched. He declared that every effort will be made, including security, to significantly enhance BRT services.

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