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June 3, 2023


Energy Conservation Plan: Markets Mandated to Close by 8:30 pm, Wedding Halls by 10:00 Pm

Anum Razzaque

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government vowed to overcome the shortfall of energy and approved the energy-saving plan recommended by the power division.

The Defense Minister of Pakistan Khuwaja Asif announced the energy-saving plan, which will be implemented in the entire country.

According to the plan, all markets will be closed at 8:30 pm. Khawaja said, “We have discussed the problems referring energy crisis with the business community and decided the timings of market closing.”

However, the government also decided that the Marriage halls will be closed at 10:00 Pm in the context of saving energy.

In the aftermath of following the restrictions, Pakistan can save Rs62 billion, said Khuwaja Asif.

“Prime Minister directed that all governmental institutes and departments have to decline consumptions of electricity by 30 percent”, says Khuwaja Asif.

“All governmental institutions and departments will be restricted to use efficient electrical equipment under the energy-saving plan”, Said Khuwaja Asif.

Hence, Khuwaja claimed except for Pakistan the world is running on the aforementioned routine. we have changed our lifestyle world, and here markets opened by midnight.

He lamented that we use artificial energy instead of natural energy, which increases the ratio of consumption of energy.

“The government going to take measures against inefficient electric fans, and extra duty will be imposed on inefficient fans, which will save Rs15 billion,” says Khuwaja Asif, and added Pakistanis used to consume 12,000Megawatt electricity in summer through fans.

The government announced a ban on the production of incandescent bulbs from 1st February.

The energy-saving plan also restricted the housing societies from amending the building codes laws and changing the architectural norms, using environment-friendly materials in the construction.

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