A video clips doing rounds on social media in which Major (R) Adil Raja allegedly defamed Pakistani actresses for having an intimate relationship with top militarytop brass. 

Raja had accused female actresses of having immoral relations with Military generals. He said these actresses used to live in safe havens of the military establishment. Adding more he said, these actresses were to then used to blackmail politicians by making inappropriate videos. These severe allegations were put forward with zero evidence.

Some of the actresses have tweeted back in response to his bogus claims. The initials shared by him were: MH, MK, SA, and KK.

To which media speculated four names of Pakistani actresses : Kubra Khan, Sajal Ali, Mahira Khan and Mehwish Hayat.

However, the former major has endorsed condemning the defamation of these actresses. In his latest video that is a reply to Kubra Khan he responded to file a defamation case against her.

Sajal Ali in a tweet says:

Twitter has been referring to it as a character assassination attack on women. Many have vocalized support for the actress, and models. 

DeepFake in Politics 

Deepfake has becomes among the most suitable setting propaganda agenda for opponents. The rise in this culture is growing in Pakisatn. It is eveident that the Artificial intelligence technology is used to set a proposed narrative. Fake propagandas are set by political parties, militaries, and even organizations to put forward their subjective narrative.

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