China To Reopen Its Borders with Hong Kong after Three Years 

June 3, 2023


China To Reopen Its Borders with Hong Kong after Three Years 

Shaeran Rufus

BEIJING: China announced the reopening of the its border with Hong Kong on Sunday. The opening of the border will end three years of restriction due to the pandemic. The pandemic that had paused the the financial activities from mainland china.

A statement by Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office on Thursday said that travellers from Hong Kong will not have to be tested or quarantined to commence cross-border activities. More than 50,000 residents from Hong Kong can visit the mainland.

However, the results of the Covid test taken 48 hours ago and health documents will be viewed. China will also return to issuing business and travel visas for the Chinese mainland to travel to Hong Kong. As per data revealed by the government, more than 200 million trips were made before Covid-19. 

The Chinese government has decided to abandon Zero Covid Policy from the 8th of January along with reopening international borders. However, Hong Kong rested its restrictions in December making masks compulsory for many regions.

The borders were closed in 2020 resulting in no travel movement among the families. The move will also revive tourism activities as China is reviewing its visa policies.

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