Asian Cup 2023: Sethi wants Indian team to visit Pakistan

June 4, 2023


Asian Cup 2023: Sethi wants Indian team to visit Pakistan

Shaeran Rufus

Najam Sethi, newly appointed PCB chairman urged India to pay a sports visit to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023. The sporting event of the Asia Cup will be from 16th June to 16th Jul 2023. The Asian Cup 2023 is expected to be hosted by Pakistan, however, still, the avenue is not fixed due to India’s uncertainty for touring Pakistan.

Sethi, chairman of PCB in an interview with an Indian sports channel, Sports Tak, said we want to host the Asia Cup as the international team is touring. Among these were England, Australia, West Indies, and New Zealand have visited Pakistan for their matches, which “shows there is no problem”.

Moreover, Sethi added, there is no security matter, Pakistan also had a security issue but the team went to India for World Cup in 2016.

Sethi said, we can request as it’s our “right” that India come to our homeland. The Indian team love the Pakistani crowd when they played in Lahore last time. “Disputes between nations will continue but cricket must go on,” said Sethi.

The decision still depends on the federal government, says the chairman. Last time both teams played in 2012 in Pakistan and neutral grounds around the world.

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