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June 3, 2023


Elahi Denies To Take Vote of Confidence

Anum Razzaque

GUJRAT: Chief Minister of Punjab, Chaudhary Parvez Elahi, rejected to take the vote of confidence and termed the notification of the governor of Punjab, Baligh-ur-Rehman as illegal.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of ‘The Chaudhary Pervez Elahi Institute of Cardiology’ at Wazirabad, he said, “the order of the governor referring to taking a confidence vote from the provincial parliament was illegal, and we won’t accept that notice.”

On 26 December, Former Prime Minister Imran Khan claimed Elahi won’t dissolve the assembly before taking a vote of trust.

Earlier, on 22 December, Governor Punjab Muhammad Baligh-ur- Rehman issued the notification and directed Elahi to take the vote of confidence from the provincial assembly.

On 23 December, Lahore high court restored Elahi to his position after his assurance that he would not dissolve the assembly.

However, on Thursday, he denied taking the vote of confidence and said, “The notification issued by the governor was illegal, and we don’t need act accordingly to order.”

Meanwhile, Elahi also criticized the coalition government and said Shehbaz Sharif has been exposed completely, and all PMLN leaders will remain behind us.

He also compared Imran Khan to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and said the leader Imran khan didn’t bear in history.

Punjab facing this political uncertainty since March 2022, when the coalition government submitted a motion of no-confidence against the setting Prime Minister Imran Khan.

PTI made the coalition government in Punjab after the victory of the general elections in 2018. Aleem Khan Group, Jahangir Tareen Group, and PML-Q were the allies of PTI, so the opposition submitted a no-confidence motion against the speaker of the Punjab Assembly as well, and Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan made their ways separate from PTI.

The aforementioned, no-confidence motion fueled the political uncertainty in Punjab.

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