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June 4, 2023


Flour Crisis Intensifies, Govt Fails to Provide Subsidised Flour

Anum Razzaque

The shortage of flour began intensifying in the country. In some cities, the basic need flour is expensive, while some areas are facing a large-scale crisis of flour.

Despite the announcement of the Sindh government, the citizen of Karachi are buying expensive flour for months, which is Rs155 to Rs160 per KG in the biggest city in Pakistan.

Hence, Minister of Sindh government Nasir Hussain Shah claimed that their government is providing flour at very cheap rates, which is expensive across the country.

On 6 January, in another development, Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah approved the grant to buy 0.3 million tons of wheat to address flour shortage.

In Sep, Information Minister Sindh announced that they will provide subsidized flour at Rs65/KG, but that subsidy couldn’t benefited the citizens.

However, the other areas of the country failed to sidestep the situation. The flour has become elegant in the entire country.

The district administration of Rawalpindi made 86 points to sell subsidized flour, but these points are limited to paperwork.

The queues are waiting for subsidized flour converted into the battlefield in Rawalpindi, and citizens claimed that the administration is providing flour to the hotels and NaanBais.

Even, in a critical situation, the District Food Officer (DFO) is roaming outside the city, according to Capital TV, he is in Murree.

When Capital TV asked him about the absence of flour at checkpoints, he said, “You can check anywhere in the city and find food points, flour is available there.”

Yesterday, the former Finance Minister posted a video where people were being seen fighting for flour.

Meanwhile, the country is passing through a shortage of flour for Sep 2022, the government has linked the crisis to the devastating floods and the poor performance of the previous government.

According to the reports, the bad of 20 kg flour has become nearly Rs3000 across the country.

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