Spare: Harry’s Memoir Makes Pinching Revelations of the Royals - Rivalry, Addiction & Affairs

June 4, 2023


Spare: Harry’s Memoir Makes Pinching Revelations of the Royals – Rivalry, Addiction & Affairs


LONDON: Prior to the release of Prince Harry’s much-awaited biography – Spare, which provides a unique first-person perspective on life in the most famous monarchy in the world The book had already created a rift among people questioning Prince’s personality. The book is yet to come out, however, it has made a secretive landing with a some excerpts published by a few media outlets.

The sale of the much-awaited book by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, gives an account of his life and monarchy. Due to the popularity of the book, which is currently only available in Spanish, will soon be available in English. The book has a narration of his personal life and reasons for reservations from the House of Windsor.

As revealed in the book, the Prince of the Royal Family had disclosed his journey as a teenager, which included experimenting with cocaine, brotherly rivalry, and killing 25 people in Afghanistan. Moreover, the prince disclosed his sexual life and love affair with a woman older than him.

Also, the book excerpt became popular among the Taliban. In a statement made by Anas Haqqani of the Haqqani Network, said, “They were not chess pieces; they were persons.”

In a recent interview to the Guardian , Harry stated, “I don’t want history to repeat itself,” when asked why he felt it was important to write a memoir. 

The royal scandals finding their way to the media are not new. However, popularity remains an enigma. Through various polls of media outlets, it was shown that the prince had lost popularity. This is true for many reasons divulged in the book.

Buckingham Palace

Moreover, Buckingham Palace remained silent on the subject. Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have also fallen prey to the media’s outspoken criticism for turning their identities into a money making machine. To which, Harry has strongly refused.

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