Can Naseem Shah lift Pakistani pace line-up weight?

June 3, 2023


Naseem Shah Is The Most Over-worked Bowler in Pakistani Cricket Team, Stats Show

Fahad Pervez

The new rising star of the Pakistan cricket team Naseem Shah is known as the backbone of the Pakistani fast-bowling attack.

Some recent stats have shown that Naseem is the most overworking fast bowler in the Pakistani bowling lineup. Naseem Shah is not a normal teenager. When the alarm goes off, most people hit the snooze button. Perhaps you had a big night out; maybe you did too much work; maybe you just need a bit more rest. Hit the snooze button and turn it over.

The cricket experts believe that if you put extra pressure on the players, there are chances of injuries, especially for the fast bowlers.

Previously, we have seen our main fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi with injuries however he is not fully recovered from his injury till date.

Shaheen’s knee injury happened last year in Sri Lanka due to which all load comes on Naseem’s shoulders, who has been playing all three formats since then.

It should be noted that the fast bowler Naseem Shah missed the last two test matches against England and the first test against New Zealand because of his shoulder injury.

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