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May 29, 2023


Andrew Tate’s Ex-Girlfriend Shares Traumatising Details of How She Was Raped by Him

Mahnoor Tariq

Trigger Warning: The details in this article mention details of rape and assault.

In 2015, influencer Andrew Tate was arrested over allegation of rape which surfaced after a woman supplied police with messages sent by Tate in which he wrote to her, ‘I love raping you.’

The Victim:

Among thousands of voicemails and messages that Tate sent the anonymous woman, international publication VICE World News quoted the messages gathered by their team, “Am I a bad person? Because the more you didn’t like it, the more I enjoyed it. I fucking loved how much you hated it. It turned me on. Why am I like that? Why?”

The woman, whose name was quoted as ‘Amelia’ by VICE is the third woman to report Tate, an American-British social media influencer and former professional kickboxer who was detained in Romania last month as part of a separate rape and human trafficking investigation. 


The experiences of two more women, one of whom claims to have been raped and the other of whom claims to have been brutally strangled, were made public last week. They disclosed that it took Hertfordshire Police four years to refer the issue to prosecutors after their original complaints in 2015. They decided not to press charges. Before the CPS informed the women in 2019 that there was “no realistic possibility of a conviction,” Amelia, who still does not know the identity of the other women, had her complaint handled as part of the same inquiry.

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