The girl who knows for her controversies now secretly tied the knot with her Muslim boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani.

Rakhi Sawant is one of the most popular personalities in Bollywood and has garnered a huge fan following. Due to her personal and professional circumstances, as well as her outspoken utterances, the actress has always been the topic of the town. Rakhi Sawant’s personal life is once again making news because she is now married. Finally taking the plunge, Rakhi married her longtime love, Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi and Adil have been seeing each other for a while and are frequently photographed together.

Rakhi Sawant maintains an active presence on all her social media handles and has a massive number of followers. She shares every update about her life with her fans. Though Rakhi has not shared pictures or videos of her wedding on her Instagram handle, there is a picture of Rakhi and Adil that has been going viral on social media, which suggests that both are now married. In this photo, Rakhi and Adil were seen wearing garlands and can be seen holding their marriage certificate and posing for the pictures. Both are all smiles as they pose for the picture. Rakhi was seen wearing a suit whereas Adil donned a black shirt and pants.

After getting married to her boyfriend, the big boss-famed girl changed her name to “Rakhi Sawant Fatima.” Rakhi Sawant maintains an active presence on all her social media handles and has a large number of followers. Rakhi shares every update of her life happenings with her fans, however, Rakhi has not shared her wedding pictures on her Instagram account, and there is a picture circulating on social media that suggests both are married. In this image, Rakhi and Adil are seen posing for shots while clutching their marriage certificate and donning garlands. As they stand for the photo, both are beaming. Adil wore a black shirt and jeans, while Rakhi was dressed in a suit.

For those who are unaware, Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani began dating after the actress filed for divorce from her ex-husband Ritesh. She later revealed to the press and her followers that she was dating Adil, a businessman from Mysore. Both have been outspoken about their love and frequently appear together in public.

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