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June 4, 2023


Sana Ullah Terms Elahi’s Vote of Confidence ‘Illegal’

Anum Razzaque

LAHORE: Interior Minister Rana Sana Ullah termed the vote of confidence ‘illegal’ and claimed “when the matter of a vote of confidence is proceeding in Lahore High Court (LHC), how can Pervez Elahi collect the vote of confidence?”  

On Wednesday Chief Minister of Punjab, Chaudhary Parvez Elahi, got the confidence of the majority of members of the Provincial Assembly the day before.

Meanwhile, yesterday, during the session, the opposition began sloganeering regarding “Take a vote of confidence” and demonstrating in front the dice of the speaker.

“The vote of confidence has been bulldozed by the Punjab government,” because the proceeding was against with constitution and was opposed to the requirements of the law,” claimed Sana Ullah.

He said their counsels were opposed to the order of the governor of Punjab before, so why did they proceed with the vote of confidence?

“This is manipulation, the matter is under proceeding in the court, and the notice of the governor is suspended, so how did they get a trust vote on the following notice,” says Minister.

“Elahi didn’t have the complete numbers which are why they avoid fulfilling the requirements of vote of confidence,” claims Sana Ullah

Furthermore, “The speaker didn’t allow the opposition to put agenda the aforementioned proceeding of PA,” according to Sana Ullah.

“The election was not free and fair, because they didn’t follow the conducts of the election,” according to the Minister.

Rana Sana Ullah said Elahi promised the dissident member that he will not dissolve the Assembly.

He added, “If he’ll not dissolves the assembly so that Imran Khan’s narrative will prove wrong.”

The PMLN leader claimed that they have just 80 to 88 numbers.

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