Neha Taseer is a gorgeous Pakistani actress and fashion model who is well-known in the fashion industry. Neha Taseer and Shahbaz Taseer are a happily married couple.

They both were married in September 2021 and after that, they have become parents of a cute baby boy in April 2022. Neha has also contributed to a television drama on the Ary Digital network. She took part in Morey Saiyaan with the accomplished actor and vocalist Uzair Jaswal.

Neha and Shahbaz are a very friendly and outgoing couple. They love to do parties with their friends. Christmas was just recently observed by the couple. Prior to Christmas, the couple celebrated Halloween with friends. In January, Neha Taseer invited her friends over for a little birthday party. His husband, Shahbaz Taseer, organised a magnificent birthday party. On Neha’s birthday, she was joined by her professional pals. Look at the pictures.

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