On January 12, singer Ali Tariq took to his Instagram account and announced a women-only concert for those who couldn’t enjoy themselves at Karachi Eat Food Festival.

All-women concert:

Tariq expressed regret for what happened at Karachi Eat and hoped all the women ‘reached their homes safely’ that day. The singer then announced he will be arranging an all-girls public gig, “This is in order to accommodate all the girls who came out on Sunday but weren’t able to fully enjoy themselves.”

Tariq further made a public appeal for sponsors and contributors to pay for the venue and production costs. He also included contact information for anyone who wanted to get in touch with him regarding the performance.

What you need to know:

The Karachi Eat event took place during the past weekend, from January 6 to January 8. However on the final day there was a commotion, with social media users reporting gate-crashing and harassment. Singer Kaifi Khaili also who posted a message, assuring fans, that he is unharmed after rumors suggested that he was hit in the head by a bottle.

Khalil expressed his disappointed in lack of respect demonstrated by people who allegedly harassed ladies at the event.

What else:

Tariq’s gesture is being widely appreciated. Celebrities like RJ Dino Ali praised the singer and wished him luck. Singer Rafay Israr posted several heart emojis, and festival host Ahmed Godil offered his hosting services for Tariq’s performance.

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