FIA Summons Qasim Suri For Making A Derogatory Remark About Saleem Safi

May 29, 2023


FIA Summons Qasim Suri For Making A Derogatory Remark About Saleem Safi

Shaeran Rufus

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Qasim Suri was cited by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Friday for allegedly posting disparaging comments about journalist Saleem Safi’s deceased parents on social media.

Suri has received a new notice from the FIA ordering him to appear before the inquiry body on January 18. Saleem Safi’s parents filed a cybercrime case with the FIA Cyber Crime Wing after Qasim made disparaging remarks about them on his official Twitter account on November 29.

The former National Assembly deputy speaker was mandated by the FIA to show up in person for the hearing on January 18. PTI leader was sent a summons by the agency on January 11, but he chose not to show up. The PTI leader was given a notice to appear on January 11 by the FIA cybercrime wing on January 2, but he did not show up on that day.

The PTI leader received a second notice from the FIA on Friday directing him to show up in person on January 18 at 11 am. If he doesn’t show up, the organisation has threatened to take unilateral action.It should be recalled that during the PTI administration, PTI leader Murad Saeed filed a similar lawsuit against journalist Mohsin Baig, accusing him of making disparaging remarks about him in his book.

Mohsin was taken into custody that day after a raid on his home by the FIA rather than a notification. Because Murad Saeed was not mentioned on the book’s objected-to page, the court granted Mohsin’s acquittal.

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