The gorgeous and stunning actress Sanam Saeed shared her thoughts on Pakistani and Indian Cultures, saying in her latest statement that artists in Pakistan are more attainable ‘unlike Bollywood’. 

In her latest interview with the Indian media agency, Zindagi Gulzar Hai actress spoke openly about Pakistan’s recent expansion in the entertainment sector and the arts and civilizations of the bordering nations.

Sanam said in her statement that,

“Personally, I am more of a Hollywood binge-watcher. But the whole of Pakistan has been raised on Bollywood, from our grandparents to us.”

She further added,

“Hum sab jaante hai India mein kya hota hai, (We know what happens in India). But Indians don’t know what happen in Pakistan.”

“Kuch bhi nahi pata, hum log kis tarah daal chawal khaate hai, woh andaaz alag hota hai (Indians don’t know how we eat, how we are). The way we wear salwar kameez or tie our hair, there are these minor differences,”

“We know the difference between what an Indian choti (braid) is, but I don’t think India knows what the Pakistani choti (braid) is like. These small nuances are there.”

She also pointed out how stardom and fan bases are defined differently in the two nations during the same talk. “Unlike Bollywood, our movie stars are not out of reach.” We spend every day with their families in their homes and living rooms. The celebrity said, “We are a part of their families.”

“There is a very deep connection that the public has with us artists, because of the intimacy of the connection thanks to the drama industry.”

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