A Twitter user by the name of @mysoulmatedied_ took to her Twitter account on January 11 to express her romaticising views on a scene from Pakistani drama, ‘Tere Bin.’ Starring Wahaj Ali and Yamna Zaidi, the scene depicts physical abuse as the hero slaps the actress, and ends up fainting in his arms. The netizen had a rather problematic take as she wrote, “This slapping scene was so satisfying to see. Loved the way how he held her and touched her cheek after that, and also the way he was looking at her.”

The Twitter community was baffled by the user’s comments. They insisted that physical abuse is not something to be glorified. A content writer named Manahil Saeed schooled the user, “There’s nothing cute about a slap.” Another girl, Ghanwa Baloch thinks the Pakistan drama industry is trying to normalise abuse which is why they portray it in a romantic manner.

The Twitter community also called out the Wahaj Ali and Yamna Zaidi for agreeing to play this scene, “Why would an actor as big as #YumnaZaidi appear in such crap?”

Other believe this is how minors and kids grow up to think that domestic abuse is okay. The community requests drama writers to be mindful about the script.

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