PCB Chairman Najam Sethi Requested his son Ali Sethi to pull out of the Pakistan Super League’s eighth edition anthem.

According to the sources, the renowned musician Ali Sethi was appointed by the previous PCB management for the PSL 8 anthem but the change in the management has resulted in the change of Ali Sethi as well.

Sources also claimed that the action was made to avoid conflicts of interest and any needless controversy that would damage the PCB chairman’s reputation.

Which musicians will receive the PSL 8 anthem contract is still up in the air. PSL anthems have always been one of the most popular topics on social media each year. The past four PSL anthems received a lot of criticism at first before winning over the fans later in the PSL season.

The location for PSL 8’s opening ceremony has also recently been up for consideration. The opening ceremony and first game of the competition were originally scheduled to take place in Multan, but reports say that the PSL sponsors want the location changed to Karachi. Within the next week, a final choice will be taken on the issue.

The eighth edition of the PSL is starting on 13 February with the final to be played on 19 march. The official schedule of the tournament has still not been released, despite it being only a month away.

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