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June 4, 2023


Low Voting Turnout, Rigging & Slow Results: The Dilemma of Karachi LB Elections

Mahnoor Tariq

Unofficial results show that the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was in the lead in the Hyderabad local government (LG) elections. For the first time, PPP is in a position to appoint its mayor in Sindh’s second-largest city, despite allegations of rigging by the political parties & slow announcement results.

The election chaos:

Out of the 246 union committees in Karachi, 83 of the results have been made public so far. The voting began at 8 am and went on without a hitch, but there were sporadic reports of fighting. Even after the voting process was through, a few alterations were also reported.

The low turnout:

However, overall turnout for voting turned out to be low. Most Karachiites now seem to be hopeless as they don’t expect anything from the Sindh government anymore. Most expressed disappointment in Pakistan People’s Party winning because they speculate the voting process has been rigged. 

As the process started late at several polling places, various political parties had earlier complained and urged the ECP to extend the polling period; this request was granted at some polling places.

Polling stats:

In Karachi and Hyderabad, respectively, there were 1,204 polling places for men and 1,170 for women, totaling about 8,706 polling places for the local body elections. Over 8,000 polling places out of the total number were deemed “sensitive” or “very sensitive.”

It is important to note that 830 candidates—7 in Hyderabad and 823 in Karachi—were chosen without a challenge in the two divisions.

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