New Twist in Punjab: Pervez Elahi Submits Three Names For Caretaker CM

May 29, 2023


New Twist in Punjab: Pervez Elahi Submits Three Names For Caretaker CM

Shaeran Rufus

LAHORE: Pervez Elahi, the Chief Minister, on Monday announced three names on his Twitter account following the dissolution of the Punjab Assembly. The names given by the CM were in accord consultation with former Prime Minister and PTI Chairman, Imran Khan.

The names mentioned—Ahmed Nawaz Sakhera, Naseer Ahmed Khan, and Nasir Saeed Khosa—are finalised for the caretaker Punjab CM. Elahi stated that the names would be forwarded to the Punjab Governor. Adding more, he said, “If the opposition thinks with an open heart, they seem to be agreeing on one of the names.”

The CM forwarded the summary of dissolution on Thursday, eventually dissolving the assemblies within 48 hours, in accordance with Article 112 of the constitution.

PMLN Meeting on Shortlisting Caretaker CM

According to sources, Hamza Shahbaz, an opposition leader who is currently out of the country, will appoint a representative to consult and meet with Chief Minister Punjab in order to reach an agreement on the names submitted.

In a pivotal consultative meeting chaired by Nawaz Sharif, the PMLN founder, the caretaker CM names were discussed. According to sources, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) has also consulted with the PPP and PDM. The shortlisted names are not revealed by the PMLN until after talks with the allies. Moreover, ticket distribution, shortlisting candidates, and parliamentary board formation were also discussed.

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