YouTube Might Soon Start Streaming TV Channels for Free

June 3, 2023


YouTube Might Soon Start Streaming TV Channels for Free

Fahad Pervez

The world’s largest video streaming site YouTube is experimenting with free, ad–supported TV Channels that feature content from certain media companies.

As per the reports, this concept is similar to services such as Pluto TV, Roku’s Live TV channels, or the experiences built into TVs from companies like Samsung, LG, and Vizio with a “hub” that allows viewers to choose what to watch.

Other firms, like Vizio and Roku, have found success with this idea because they make more money from advertising and subscription commissions than they do from selling hardware. According to recent figures, Roku generates more than $44 annually, while Vizio earns an average of $27 per subscriber.

The sources say that the feature will be accessible this year, and a spokesman from YouTube confirmed the tests to the international news agency.

A subscription service called YouTube TV also exists, allowing viewers to have a similar drop-in-and-watch experience to content on traditional television stations. Around 5 million users signed up for YouTube TV last summer, according to YouTube.

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