Nab Ordered By SC to Allocate Job Quota for Persons with Disabilities

May 28, 2023


NAB Ordered By SC to Allocate Job Quota for Persons with Disabilities

Shaeran Rufus

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court has determined that employment for people with disabilities (PWDs) is not a charitable cause; rather, it is a right, highlighting the importance of labor and contribution to society for all people, but especially so for PWDs given the stigma usually attached to them.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was instructed by the Court in a decision written by Justice Mansoor Ali Shah to adhere to the quota of jobs designated for people with disabilities and to submit a compliance report to the extra registrar (Judicial) within a month.

Shah strictly added, to immediately submit the report, if not filed, serious action will be taken against the NAB. The Supreme Court also ordered NAB to appoint the petitioner as an assistant director in a relevant wing. Furthermore, the judgment added a 3% quota assigned for PWDs. It added, that the pollution of PWDs comprises from 3.3 to 27 million in Pakistan.

Shah emphasized the importance of PWDs toward “human capital development”. In particular with employment, that if enhanced will benefit society at large. 

Furthermore, Justice said, “The social model views disability in the context of systematic barriers, social exclusions, and negative societal attitudes leading to the loss or limitation of opportunities to participate in political, economic, and social activities on equal footing with those who do not have a disability.”

Shah asserted, that employment is their right and not a charity. Adding that the constitution values them by equating them with social justice and giving them fundamental rights. On Court, instruction copies will be sent to the NAB Chairman and head of the public sector.

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