Pakistan Looking To Expand Strategic Partnerships with Gulf Countries

June 4, 2023


Pakistan Looking To Expand Strategic Partnerships with Gulf Countries

Shaeran Rufus

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, relations with Gulf nations, particularly the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are long-standing, cordial, and fraternal. We hope to turn these ties into a strategic alliance.

Millions of Pakistanis consider the UAE to be their second home, and he claimed that Pakistan is appreciative of the UAE government for making this gesture in an interview with the Al Arabiya TV program. The Prime Minister referred to his most recent journey as one of the most fruitful because he visited the United Arab Emirates.

Moreover, he added, that relationships with UAE and other Gulf nations are built on mutual trust, respect, and cultural understanding. Pakistan’s leadership and the leaders of the Gulf nations should be determined to work together to advance Islam as a religion of peace and tranquility that rejects all forms of terrorism and extremism.

India and Pakistan

Shehbaz Sharif stated that India is Pakistan’s neighbor and that both nations wish to coexist peacefully in response to a question concerning Pakistan’s relations with that nation. The Prime Minister urged the Indian leadership, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to hold meaningful discussions to tackle all of our pressing challenges, including the fundamental ones.

He pleaded with India to halt the horrific human rights abuses being committed by New Delhi in India’s Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Further, Sharif said, to strengthen talks with India so a solution could be formulated.

Pakistan’s Import

The prime minister responded to a different query by stating that coexistence is essential for our world’s survival. He claimed that economic turmoil caused by tensions in Eastern Europe has affected the entire world. Due to the tension, he claimed, Pakistan hardly ever imports goods, fertilizer, or oil.

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