Actor Syeda Tuba Anwar has opened up about his ex-husband, Dr. Aamir Liaqat Hussain. She talks about her journey from behind the camera to all the controversies she has faced in her life with Aamir Liaqat.

Tuba Anwar in an interview with a media agency shared how she felt about the relationship with her late ex-husband, she claimed that she was quite overwhelmed by her bond with her deceased ex-husband and was unsure of how to handle it.

Tuba also added that she is dealing with death and rape threats and also being called a golddigger and blamed for her ex-spouse’s death.

She said in her interview that,

“I was getting into a relationship but I never thought about it from the public’s point of view. I was very young, and even naive, at that time and I didn’t have the right kind of exposure. I wasn’t ready for all the chaos. I didn’t even announce the news, it was leaked,” she said. “We wanted to announce the news. Not that it was a secret, but whoever gets married, it should be their decision to determine when to tell people. We were both not ready.”

She also added to her statement that,
“When it all started, I was baffled and couldn’t make sense of why people are hating me so much. I couldn’t process the abuse that I was getting. It became so worse that at one point, I started getting death threats and rape threats. Men, women, everyone was just picking on anything and everything,” she said adding that the abuse wasn’t just limited online but also offline by “people she was associated with.”

“I am educated, young, and hail from a supportive, stable family of intellectuals. I don’t need anyone to use as a ladder. It’s a disgusting thing to say to someone. If I wasn’t capable or talented enough, then it would’ve been another thing. My father made me travel the world with him. I’ve four sisters, we’re all thriving,” she said referring to people calling her a gold digger and home wrecker.

“There was never a lack of money or love growing up. I would’ve been a gold digger if I took anything from him when leaving. I took nothing,” she exclaimed adding that all YouTube videos about her house and cars are simply “clickbait.”

The Bharaas star continued by stating that another reason she initially kept quiet was that she was experiencing a lot in her life off-camera. There were moments when I just told people, “I don’t care, but I am human,” for a period of six months. It is painful. There are demands on us to balance our life, our homes, our families, our fans, and how we respond to hatred. She said, “I wish people would stop saying bad things.

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