On Tuesday, Feroze Khan served defamation notices from many actors for making unfounded claims against the actor. The actor posted the legal paperwork, which contained addresses and mobile numbers, for the first time on his official Twitter account.

After Fahad Mirza and Yasir Hussain, Meesha Shafi slammed actor Feroze Khan. Singer Meesha Shafi also got vocal, sharing her stance on the ‘stupid case’, claiming that Feroze Khan will lose the case for sure.

On her Instagram account, she shared a story related to the current situation. She said,

“Having suffered the most mollified defamation case… I just want to tell anyone who might be stressing about this stupid case that he’s going to lose in every way in the end. Karma is real. All my solidarity with each and every one of you, especially Alizeh.”

Earlier, Sarwat Gilani was one of the famous people to whom he sent the aforementioned defamation notice. Her husband, Fahad Mirza, called out Khan on Instagram and called him a liar after the court notification containing the artists’ personal information became public.

Fahad Mirza Also added that,

“Feroze Khan is very vengeful and stupid for adding the personal numbers of all those actors and then making it public.” He went on to add, “After this knee-jerk response, he really has proven that he is a moron of the highest order and I am sure whatever his wife says about him must be true.”

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