Is Climate Change Beyond Repair For Pakistan? 

June 4, 2023


Is Climate Change Beyond Repair For Pakistan? 


KARACHI: The damages Pakistan had suffered in climate change need at least $600 million to repair, revealed in the latest study by Standard Chartered.

Pakistan is volatility suffering in its climate policies. The state had failed to secure transformative plans for climate policies. Last year, Pakistan was ranked among the devastating country that was hit by a flood that caused ten times of the financial loss a developing country.

The report: The Adaption Economy: The case for early action on climate adaptation in emerging markets published by Standard Chartered. The report mentioned the relevancy of climate change with emerging markets.

Furthermore, the report mentioned that the need of the hour for Pakistan is to invest under 3.5°C with a focus on global mitigation. The rising temperature has caused provoked changes in rainfall and weathers.

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