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June 3, 2023


Karachi’s AQI is 253 Today; Here’s Why it is the Most Polluted City In the World

Mahnoor Tariq

What you need to know:

Karachi, the biggest metropolis in Pakistan, achieved a staggering 253 AQI on January 18 (today). 

About Karachi & its AQI:

Due to industrial and vehicular pollution, Karachi, a coastal metropolis with a population of 22 million and subpar mass transit, typically has AQI readings between 100 and 200. Petrol stations in Pakistan offer the world’s worst quality fuel. But overnight, Karachi’s AQI increased by four times. Indoor air purifiers are advised and outdoor activities should be avoided when the AQI is between 300 and 500.

What makes air so polluted:

The cold is to be blamed, according to experts. They claim that a dip in temperature, increased humidity, and denser air cause contaminants to become trapped. The six categories of air pollutants that make up the AQI are ground-level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and PM2.5 and PM10, both fine inhalable particulate matter.

Why it matters:

The World Health Organization estimates that exposure to tiny airborne particles causes 7 million deaths annually, and that 91% of people worldwide live in areas where air quality is unsafe.

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