Veteran actor Bushra Ansari came under fire for allegedly publicly threatening PTI leader and former prime minister Imran Khan on Twitter. The star has since stated that the tweets were from fake accounts, and she is now reporting them to the Federal Investigation Agency’s cybercrime division.

As per the reports, Bushra submitted an application to FIA’s Cybercrime Reporting Centre in Karachi against pages and accounts running in her name on various social media platforms. The Udaari actor claims that there are more than 10 fake accounts running in her name on the micro-blogging website and they are misusing her fame for political incentives.

Bushra reported pages and accounts created in her name on several social media platforms to the FIA’s Cybercrime Reporting Center in Karachi. The Udaari actor alleges that more than 10 fake accounts are active on the micro-blogging platform under her name and that these users are taking advantage of her notoriety for political purposes.

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