One Woman SHO Mandatory in All Districts of the Punjab Province, Says the IGP

May 28, 2023


One Woman SHO Mandatory in All Districts of the Punjab Province, Says the IGP

Shaeran Rufus

LAHORE: Aamir Zulfiqar, Inspector General (IG) of the Police for Punjab, has issued instructions for the appointment of a female Station House Officer (SHO) in at least one police station in each district of the province. The implementation of the order should be made mandatory in the next five days.

The ICP issued an order instructing Punjab police officers to appoint a female SHO in every district police station on Friday. The order released by the IGP, titled “Enhance the role of women police officers,” commands the posting of one female SHO that the District Police Officer (DPO) thinks is suitable.

Moreover, the notification says that women’s help desks are in various districts but are not too actively operational. Furthermore, the notification also directed having a woman officer in the urban police stations in districts and cities to handle the complaints of female victims and claimants.

Furthermore, an Additional Inspector General Training (AIG/Training) has been assigned to oversee the recruitment of female SHOs in all districts and submit a progress report.

Hafizabad’s First Female Police Officer

Mehwish Aslam was appointed as the first first sub-inspector of police in Hafizabad District, Punjab. Aslam was assigned to a Lelaki Mandi police station. She was able to seize a rape suspect who was trying to flee from the court.

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