Counterfeit Cash Currency Found In a Bank in Peshawar

June 4, 2023


Counterfeit Cash Currency Found In a Bank in Peshawar

Shaeran Rufus

PESHAWAR: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) recovered forged Pakistani currency notes from a private bank worth Rs. 8.3 million on Thursday. After receiving complaints from bank customers, a raid resulted in the recovery of the bogus cash notes.

The official informed us that the fake currency money and the employee were taken into custody. It was learned that the culprit was a bank employee dealing in fake currency notes. The case has been filed and the investigation has been started, FIA officials told.

An Afghan Man detained by FIA

Additionally, the FIA detained an Afghan national at Bacha Khan International Airport (BKIA) on suspicion of traveling with falsified documents. Details indicate that Asif Khan Telyar, an Afghan national, flew from England to the airport aboard Emirates Airline aircraft EK-636.

According to officials, an FIA border officer had a suspicion regarding the passenger’s passport and reported it to the FIA team leader. The passport of the Afghan national was found to be fake after careful inspection.

The official claimed that the Afghan national’s passport lacked any security measures and that, after careful inspection, it turned out to be a fake. The official then turned the passenger over to the airline personnel for deportation.

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