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May 29, 2023


Here’s How Much Flour Consumers Are Paying in Pakistan for an Everyday Food Staple

Mahnoor Tariq

Retailers are still taking advantage of consumers by charging high prices for different types of flour, despite a significant decrease in mill rates. The reason behind this is improper regulation by the Sindh government. 

Price hike:

On the other hand, prices of tomatoes and potatoes have decreased due to increased availability. On the other hand the prices of onions and pulses have continued to rise. 

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The producers of Ashrafi have reduced the prices of 5kg and 10kg bags of fine flour to Rs1,530 & Rs1,140, respectively. The price of chakki flour has been lowered from Rs1,560 to Rs1,170.

According to Aamir Abdullah, the chairman of the Pakistan Flour Mills Association’s Sindh Chapter most storekeepers are offering chakki flour at a price of Rs150 per kg. There is no shortage of any type of flour. However, consumers have reported difficulty in finding flour no. 2.5 at the government-mandated price of Rs95 per kg.

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He also mentioned that the price of wheat in the open market has increased to Rs 10,500 per 100 kg from Rs9,500 earlier this month. 

According to Mr. Abdullah, the government is now providing each mill with 20,000 bags of wheat each month as opposed to 10,000 earlier, and the price of flour has stabilised.

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