Karachi To Get Colder By Night, Weather Forecast Predicts

May 29, 2023


Karachi To Get Colder By Night, Weather Forecast Predicts

Shaeran Rufus

KARACHI: The weather forecast had warned Karachi residents should prepare for chilly nighttime temperatures by wrapping themselves warmly on Friday. The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has predicted that in the coming 24 hours, the temperature in the port city will be between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius.

The chilly winds are moving at a speed of seven to ten kilometres per hour from the northeast, according to the Met department. In the city, 48% of the air is humid. Karachi’s lowest recorded temperature over the past 24 hours was 14°C.

Weather in Baluchistan

Meanwhile, in Baluchistan, snowfall in many locations has intensified the cold, with Khojak Pass now under a travel emergency. The weather service had earlier forecast rain in the lower portions of the country during the next few days, along with snowfall. The statement added, “The Met Office has advised that a westerly wave affecting North Balochistan, is likely to grip upper areas on January 20 (night) and may linger till January 25 with occasional breaks.”

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