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June 3, 2023


MNA Refused Service at Islamabad Club for Wearing Dhoti

Mahnoor Tariq

Sheikh Rohail Asghar, an MNA, was refused service at Pakistan’s elite Islamabad Club because he was wearing a dhoti.

What you need to know:

The legislator from Pakistan Muslim League-Noon (PML-N) expressed his angst over the diplomatic club’s archaic dress code. According to MNSA Asghar, they still adhere to the customs established by the British.

The formal dining hall has a dress requirement, according to the secretary of the Islamabad Club. Management claimed that because the Islamabad Club is not a cultural club, Sheikh Rohail Asghar was not eligible to receive service.

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Why it matters:

Wearing a dhoti, according to Sheikh Rohail Asghar, is a symbol of civility rather than being cultural.

The committee gave the Islamabad Club management the go-ahead to call a board meeting to discuss the issue and go over the dress code.

Public opinion:

Internet users praised the PML-N MNA for opposing the “gora” Islamabad Club as he demands #DhotiKoIzzatDo.

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