Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar is a Pakistani playwright, screenwriter, and director. He is known for writing and directing popular television dramas in Pakistan, such as “Pyarey Afzal” and “Mere Paas Tum Ho.”

He has also written scripts for films, including the critically acclaimed “Main Hoon Shahid Afridi.” Qamar is known for his controversial views and statements on various social and political issues, and his work has sparked debate and criticism in Pakistan.

Recently, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar exposed the vulgar act of Sana Fakhar’s ex-husband he said,

“Song abhi start huwa tha k larki ne apny sary kapry utar diye,” Khalil ur Rehman shares a song shooting incident where Sana Fakhar’s ex-husband was also present.

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